There's no safer way to push yourself than inside a power rack. No home gym is complete without one. Power racks are great for bench press exercises, squat exercises, pull ups, or other large muscle groups with the right attachment. If you plan on pushing yourself without a spotter there is no other way to do it safely. Inside a rack you can drop the weight knowing it will keep you safe, allowing you to push yourself to the limit. Deltech fitness racks are constructed of heavy gauge material and designed to last a lifetime. As always, our price includes shipping. The price you see is the price you pay.

When we say our products are built to last a lifetime we mean it. When we were prototyping the DF4500 squat rack, we wanted it to be able to support 4,000 pounds so we put it to the test. The weight of the car in the picture is 3,785 lbs and our rack handled it with no problems. When you are using Deltech Equipment you know it will keep you safe so you can work out with total confidence. No one beats our strength and dependability per dollar.