DF4900- Linear Bearing Smith Machine



Expand your workouts with this sturdy and smooth Linear Bearing Smith Machine. Features heavy-duty roller bearings and weight plate storage in the back.


  • 11 & 14 Gage Steel Tubing

  • Durable Black and White Powdercoat Paint

  • Zinc Plated Hardware

  • Welded to American Welding Society (AWS) specifications

  • Olympic Bar with 700 lb. capacity

  • Bar Weight- 70 lbs.

  • Precision Linear Roller Bearings Ride on Steel Bars


  • Heavy-Duty Spotters Standard


  • Chin-Up Bar

  • 6" Spacing Between Lockouts

  • Rear Supports Hold Plates When not in use

  • Available Exercises- Squats, Calf Raises, Shoulder Shrug, Chin-Ups, or use a Dumbbell Bench Like the DF9500, DF102, DF9000 or DF8000 to do these exercises: Bench Press, Incline Press, Military Press, Exercise Dips, Leg Curl and Leg Extensions





Weight Capacity


700 lbs.




Unit Size: 81" H x 86" W x 49" L 

Weight: 276 lbs.

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